This is the homepage of Bowmate, an archery program for the Palm Pilot. It was intended to be finished ages ago, but I ran into an excess of that unpleasant thing called work. Consequently I've now been stalled for so long that I've had to face the fact that it'd be as easy to restart programming as it would be to pick this version up again. :(

I've decided reluctantly to call it a day. If you want to take the project on I'd be delighted to see a better programmed colour version - the demand does seem to be out there. Sorry I couldn't satisfy it. You can contact me as the records officer at Osprey Archers.

However, it's now the homepage of FullMonte, a score distribution & comparison program for Windows. You can find the web page of it here.

FullMonte Main Window

It's also where I've put a little archery sightmark estimation program, which doesn't really warrant a page of it's own. Type in a couple of known sightmarks & it'll work out the rest for you, as well as telling you how much your sight needs adjusting when the sightmarks at a competition aren't the same as at home. Screenshot

If you also shoot an airgun then this might be of interest. A Silent Pellet Trap

Also, if you want to annoy people with riddles, of the 'my first is in nnn, but not in mmm' variety then you might want this.

By the way I shoot with Osprey Archers, whose website you really ought to visit too.